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You’ll get immediate access to thousands of test questions, unlimited practice exams, and access to all of our online content, which is applicable for the Florida Real Estate Sales Associate Examination. Our subscription service is designed to be customized to your personal study goals and includes the ability to review missed questions, track your progress, and see your personal stats. In order for these features to be effective, each subscription is for individual use.

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How Our Group Rates Work What is the package discount?
Based on how many subscriptions you purchase, you get a discount off the order total. This table describes the different discount tiers.
5-1410 %
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50+25 %

How does it work?
You select the number of subscriptions for your package and select the subscription length you need for your group. When purchase is complete, you'll receive a coupon code that each user can use to get access to the subscription. The code is under your control to pass to whomever you choose, you're in charge! And of course, it will never expire.

What do I get?
You receive the coupon code at checkout and by email. How you choose to distribute the code to your group is entirely up to you. Each person that uses the code will receive their subscription just as if they'd purchased the subscription for themselves. Any add-ons that may come with the subscription will be delivered to that person.

Need a larger or different package than we offer online?
We are super flexible! If you need a group larger than what we have a available, we are happy to accomodate with a higher discount for a larger group. We can also do specific packages that contain add-ons for subscriptions that don't normally include them. Just reach out to us and we'll see what we can do!

Can I monitor who has used my code?
Yes! We automatically set you up as a manager for the group that uses your code. The email you receive will contain a link to where you can see who has used your code, when they used it, and some basic stats about each person's usage of their subscription.

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Note: If you have a coupon code, then you will need to enter that at checkout.


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Everyone studies differently, and what works best for one person might not work best for you. Just want to cram with practice exams? Study best using flashcards? Prefer to listen to audio material on the go? While many other test prep sites only offer access to practice tests, your RE subscription includes all of these resources (and more) to help you pass.

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With every subscription you get full access to ALL of our materials. Click on any of the points below to learn more and see a preview of what your subscription will look like.
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