Florida Real Estate License Requirements

Education: Prelicense requirement:
63 classroom hrs
Postlicense: 45 hrs
Broker (Must have held activeSales license 12 months of 5 years prior to application in any state or jurisdiction) 72 hrs
+60 post-licensure
Continuing Educ. (CE) 14 hrs. biennially
Other: US Citizen; Minimum age: 18;
Applicant must hold a high school diploma or its equivalent; be honest, truthful, trustworthy, and of good character and have a good reputation for fair dealing.
All applications must be accompanied by a completed fingerprint card, designed specifically for the Florida Real Estate Commission. To obtain an application and fingerprint card please write to:
DBPR, Division of Real Estate
PO Box 1900
Orlando, FL 32802-1900
License Fees: Original license fee: Sales: $144.00
Broker: $154.00
Renewal license fee: Sales: $85.00
Broker $85.00
Term, license: not addressed