This is How I prepared for the exam!!

nothing else like it almost there
it was nothing else like it. i wasn't scared but, a little to sure. it was not hard but VERY tricky. now i know what to do. you live and learn..

No Problem steven young

hard ana
50 % easy 50 % hard

reading exam read
the first time it was very hard, tricky, but they can only trick you once. I take my exam for the second time on monday, I will let you know.

Disapointed Rod
Took the exam in Tallahassee in October. Missed by 3 points. Room was noisy with constant movement/people coming and going. Room noise level from photo machines and people talking to receptionist (proctor?). igned seat was near the restrooms in the test room. Could even hear people in restrooms. Can't believe I had to pay $45 for such unprofessional setting. Will try again in January 2000.

Prepared and did well! Barb
I took the exam 1/7/99 in the new location in Carrollwood Crossings, Tampa. ASI was extremely professional, clean, with clean air, which is important to me, I have allergies and didn't cough once. The place was extremely quiet. I was the last to come in. The only thing I had trouble with was reading my handwriting directions. When I finally got to the site, I realized Greenpoint Credit (a company I have worked with for years) was in the building. Dah! Once I started reading the questions, I seemed to hit a lot of tough ones right a way. I checked them with my best answer and marked them so I would return later. I completed the exam in about an hour and forty-five minutes. I passed. I took the advised of my "brainy" daughter who scored an almost perfect exam for her ultrasound exam. She said "mom, just study about an hour everynight until you take your exam. On the weekend, spend a few hours. I did this. I knew the material and I think I passed with flying colors. I used your internet course (which I had more trouble with than I did the exam, but, I could do it at work on my lunch hour, early in the morning and at night). I also re-read all of the highlighted sections our instructor pointed out and re-read all of the chapter questions. Prepare, Prepare, Prepare! When you get your license....Disclose!Disclose!Disclose! Good Luck to everyone who is taking their exams!

Read The Question ljw1
I have taken the exam twice, and failed it twice, score of 69 & 73. The key this time is to read the question, & then read the question again. They are tricky. I would say there are 3 good answers, pnly one is the best. Good Luck To All

My Worst Experience!! Minerva
well its been 4 months since i passed my class and 4 times since i have taken the exam!!! yes, my first time i got a 69, then i got a 68, then i got a 60..i had to stop there i was frustrated and thinking to much of again i made an appt. and the last time i got a 69. am dying to get my lic already, and i guess i just have to read more on principles & really sucks how the most important part of R.E. is the math and its only 10% of the test, which of course am proud to say the lowest i got was 8 out of 10.

verry painfull walter
over a period of three months i have taken the exam five times with scores of 62-66-71-69-69. What amazes me, is that the exam seems easy and when i finish the exam i feel like i got a grade in the high 80's or low 90's. I cant figure it out. what's the answer? i want to keep taking the exam but i don't know what to study for any seggestions?

This Saturday ! Summer from Dallas
Ok well I have taken it once I thought I had passed it to but I guess not ! :) ok well I take it this Sat if I don't pass it I'm going to a travel school lol! Ok so what is the problem with passing this test why is it so hard for, dang . Ok well bye everyone ! I took my first test in Jan lol it's May OK well bye everyone :)

trying to conquer damian
I took the state test three times with my scores of 70,74 & 74. Tricky test. I went back the last two times i took the test and changed some answers.Don't use that feature where it says review exam because you will be changing you're right answers to wrong ones.The first choice is usually the best.I will take it again on 6-24-00 This time i won't go back and change any.I will tell you how i did.

passed but procrastinated toni
Do not be an idiot like me. I passed the real estate exam on my third try and I was sooo excited! I planned on putting my license on inactive status but instead I let the one year deadline pass by without paying my fees. So if I ever want to get into real estate again I will have to take that damn exam all over again! Pay your fees as soon as you get that passing score!

I took the course seven day crash course. I made a 98 on my school exam. I went and took the state exam several months later and made a 65. I have now returned and have taken the crash course two months ago. STILL STUDYING!!!!! I am getting ready for another state exam.. You guys are right very damn tricky test. I thought I was taken the wrong test. Machelle

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